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Driving a Car  / Transportation


See section on Manitoba Driver’s License.

Public Transportation

Greyhound Bus: One way adult fare from Arborg or Riverton to Winnipeg is currently from $22 to $28, and may be subject to change.   Children, students and seniors (adults over 65 years) may have reduced fares. Phone for bus schedules.

  • Located in Arborg Autobody, 486 River Road East, 376-2374          
  • Located in Riverton Agri’Auto Repair, 26 Riverton Avenue, 378-2855

Handivan: Transportation for seniors for medical appointments or other purposes

  • Arborg Seniors Resource Centre, 337 River Road West, 376-3494
  • Riverton Seniors Resource Centre, 68 Main Street, 378-3103


Manitoba Driving Laws are strict.

You can be fined by the police if you are caught driving without your license, not wearing your seat belt or driving faster than the speed limit. Everyone in the car must wear a seat belt. Babies and small children need to be belted in special car seats in the back seat.

Vehicle Accident

In case of an accident with car damage, you need information for insurance purposes.

  • Stay at the scene (place of accident)
  • Get the other driver’s name, license number and phone number.
  • The police or ambulance may need to be called (Call 911).
  • You may need to go to the RCMP (police) station to make an accident report.
    - RCMP station, 209 River Road West, Arborg, 376-5253  
  • You may need to phone or go to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) to make an accident claim.
    - 1-800-665-2410
    - MPI, 323 Sunset Blvd, Arborg, 376-6633

CAA: Canadian Automobile Association provides roadside assistance when your car breaks down. Memberships cost about $100 per year for CAA Plus (recommended for Arborg/Riverton area).  1-800-222-4357

Buying a Vehicle

Buying from a dealership: Pay taxes on the car to the dealership. A new car doesn’t need a safety certificate. Ask for a safety certificate for a used car.

Private sale: Before buying any used vehicle, you should get a copy of its safety inspection, or you may need to pay for one. A safety inspection is good for 2 years.
You do not need to renew the safety certificate as long as you own the vehicle, only if you plan to sell it.
Pay tax on the vehicle when you register it at the insurance office.

Repairing a Vehicle

There are numerous vehicle repair shops in the area. Look in the Interlake Phone Book for listings.


Vehicle insurance rates are set by the government. All insurance offices charge the same rates.
You receive merit points for a good driving record, and lose them if you have accidents. You pay less when you have merit points.
Insurance rates vary by type of vehicle and the purpose of driving. You must insure a vehicle driven to work differently from a vehicle you only drive occasionally (pleasure).



Drinking and Driving

It is illegal to drink alcohol before driving. It is illegal to have open alcohol in the car.
Police can stop you and give you a breath or blood test if they think you are not driving safely. The penalties for drinking and driving are severe.