We became a part of  the Manitoba Communities in Bloom 2013 to help enhance our community for you.

The Riverton Communities in Bloom is under the umbrella of the Riverton and District Chamber of Commerce.

The Manitoba Communities in Bloom Program judged Riverton on Thursday, July 2013. We had a great time with judges Darrell Graham and Kaaren Pearce in the community. Economic Development Officer Keith Eliassson and wife Gail took them about the community. Riverton was judged on Tidiness Effort, Environmental Awareness, Community Involvement, Urban Forestry, Landscaped areas, Floral Displays, Turf and Ground Cover areas. At the Annual Convention on September 13th, 2013 in Selkirk, Riverton was awarded 4 Blooms with a special mention for Community Involvement! 


Thank you to Frieda's Flowers, Charlie Loewen for our beautiful baskets, to the Djorfung Ladies Aid for helping with our plants and to all the volunteers who came out to plant this season. We would also like to give a special Thank You to the Village of Riverton and it's Maintenance Department for keeping the flowers watered! Everyone did a wonderful job. Thank you to the Djorfung Ladies Aid for their donation of flowers to help beautify our community!